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Brush cutters

Brush cutters are basically used to cut grass and bushes. A brush cutter works with the help of an engine, unlike normal grass trimmers. They vary in a wide range of  models and sizes, from 2 Stroke Heavy Duty Brush Cutter for a tough clearing job in large fields and forests  to 4 Stroke Light Duty Brush Cutters which are for Light Duty DIY Work  to maintain a small garden. Also, used in trimming the lawn, bed edges, around trees and bushes.

Cordless brush cutters by Makita are a quieter and more comfortable alternative to a petrol brush cutter.  It is more comfortable and handy while working and doesn’t run by petrol, just the ease and simplicity of electricity, but without the wire. Use it with safety goggles and shoulder strap/harness for better relief and efficient use.

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