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Dimension measurement tools are used to take measurements of physical quantities. They are very accurate and precise, also portable and handy in use. These measurement tools can be used in wide range of work, from industrial to household. Dimension measurement tools are very easy to use; they can be hand tools as well as power tools or pneumatic tools. These tools require time to time cleaning and maintenance for smooth use.

Dimension measurement tools are widely used in industrial settings as well as automation & transport companies, in agriculture, manufacturing, technology, basically, in all large scale to small scale sectors. Since, machines can make measurement errors, which can lead to bigger blunders, dimension measurement tools are a huge boon for accuracy in all work without interruption.

There are various tools used in a wide range of tasks, such as:                                                                                     

Air gauges: they use compressed gas and its flow to determine dimensional measurement and attributes.                                                                                   

Block Gauge: are single metal blocks of square, rectangular, circular shape which are available in many sizes. They are mostly flat and parallel, which can be gathered together to acquire desired lengths for précised tolerance for checking and setting gages.                                                                                              

 Bore Gauges: these are designed to determine inner diameter and dimensions.

Calipers: they basically are used in slide movement for inner and outer, depth and length measurements. Some calipers have various types and models which can also be used to compare or transfer dimensions.                                                                                                                                                   

Protractors and angle measurers:  to measure the angle between two different surfaces.             

Micrometers:  these are a type of dimensional measurement hand tools that are used to measure length, depth, width, diameter etc by the help of laser.        

These tools are extremely helpful in construction, automation, transportation and mining industries or industries that require precision in measurement.

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