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All types of machining accessories such as chucks, collets, centers and more. Best brands.

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Machining accessories are the tools used as replacements for part of machines that have been worn out or damaged in any way. Almost all machines need repair and replacement of its parts every now and then, either because it has withered with time or some external damage. These tools are very helpful in maintaining machines, so that they last longer and work better.  We wholesale in 31 varieties and of Machining accessories with variants in model and brands for all trades and tasks. Buy Machining accessories online from at best prices.

Machining accessories are widely used in industrial settings as well as automation & transport companies and household work, basically, in all large scale to small scale sectors. Since, machines can get damaged anytime, to be on the safer side you should keep spare parts and repairing equipments for uninterrupted work.

Some of the machining accessories are:

Chuck:  they are a part of power drills which tighten the drill for safe use.                                                              

Chuck keys: helps tighten the chucks in a power drill.                                                                                           

Ejector pins: are used in engineering industries for injecting moulding without leaving a mark.                  

End mill holders: are used for production of précised shapes and holes on milling or turning machines.

Face mill arbors: are used for producing precision shapes and holes for smaller areas.                             

Wrecking bar: lever with a projection and a slight curve at the end to pry objects apart and remove nails.                                                                                

Stub milling arbor: used for holding milling cutters and slitting saws and can hold more than one cutter or saw.                                                                                

Boring Bars: tool used in metal works and woodworks in boring i.e. a form of drilling

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