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Strainer & valves:

Liquid is made to pass through a device known as strainer, to filter or separate from solid matter, in order to purify anything. In a device functioning as a sieve or filter, a perforated screen is used to prevent solid matter from mixing in liquids. Various types of strainers are used in household, industrial or commercial works. Such straining objects are usually made from stainless steel for resisting corrosion.

 Strainers are diversely used in all kind of applications. In household work strainers are mostly used in wash basins, showers and bathtubs and other kitchen and bathroom applications. And, are also used in industrial settings, agriculture, irrigation and municipal works, basically, in all large scale to small scale sectors.

Valve helps in regulation of fluids/liquids, it is a device directs or controls the flow of a fluid by opening, closing, or partially barricading multiple paths. Valves are basically fittings, but are usually referred to as a discrete category. In an open valve, the flow of liquid is directed from higher to lower pressure.

Valves are found basically in every industrial work, from water and sewage processing, mining, power generation, oil processing, gas and petroleum, food manufacturing to chemical and plastic manufacturing amongst numerous different fields .People in urban areas use valves in their day by day lives, from plumbing valves, such as water taps, gas controlling valves on cookers, small valves fitted to washing machines and dishwashers to safety devices fitted to boiling hot water frameworks, and poppet valves in auto motors.

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