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Power tools come in handy as they save time and energy very efficiently as they work by electricity, compressed air or battery. They can be used in all small scale and large scale industries. We are suppliers of 31 varieties of high quality power tools by well-known and quality worthy brands which include tool sets in various models. Our products are hundred percent guaranteed of genuinity for customer satisfaction. All the electrical products are tested and safely delivered.

Technology is at its peak in this era and mechanical tools are widely helpful in all fields and forms. They make our daily work easy and faster. Our lives have become comparatively simpler since the dawn of technology, gone are the days when manual labor took hours and hours to complete a small task, now enormous scale of tasks can be done in fraction of second with the help of power tools.

Types of power tools:

Power tools can be divided into two categories: stationary power tools and portable power tools. Stationary power tools are those that require an electric source for use and hence cannot move from its place, whereas portable power tools are battery run which are easily movable from one place to another. Wide range of power tools can be used for varying tasks whether household or industrial use.

For industrial purposes tools like cutters, chop saws, magnetic core drilling machines, electric mixers, angle grinders, blowers, planer, sand polisher, routers, laminate trimmers, carbon brush, brad points, wall chasers, saws , grinders etc can be used, you can buy tools online from brands like Bosch, Hitachi, Black & Decker, Cumi, Dewalt, Bluepoint, Meltabo,Baum , Advance etc as our suppliers.

 Where as in household work power tools like drills, impact drivers, rotatory hammers, screw drivers, shears,wrenches,electri nailer & stapler, cordless tools and cordless tools battery chargers, demolition hammers, power tool kits and sets can be used, these tools are easy to use and require minimum manual labor. We deal in wholesale of power tools as well.

Be careful while using power tools

Power tools can be dangerous if not used or maintained properly. Every task requires use of different power tools that should be chosen wisely. Tools can create a lot of noise and vibration and hence should be used with proper hearing protection gears.

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