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Safety and security equipment

Nothing is more important than your security while working with any kind of tools whether hand tools or power tools.  Make sure you always have your safety gears on while working near machines. We do not compromise with our quality as your safety comes first; we wholesale best quality products by trusted brands. We are suppliers of 17 varieties of safety and security equipments that come in handy for every task.

Every industry, be it any from pharmaceuticals to hotels to constructions, requires basic safety and security equipments for emergencies. It is said that, “precaution is better than cure”, hence we bring to you a wide variety of safety and security equipments in best quality.

 Our collection includes gloves, head protection, hearing protection, safety shoes, and safety spectacles by brands like ACME, Ador Welding, 3M Bluepoint, Action etc, for your safety while working in strenuous conditions in industries that include usage of hazardous materials. Also, the need of fire extinguishers, fire hoses and hydrant valves & adapters, fire fighting chemicals etc are mandatory in every office space for the staff’s safety. We wholesale in brands like Afasi, Andex, Ceasefire, Firecon etc.

Road traffic safety is another crucial matter to be thrown light upon, as the frequency of accidents increasing day by day, road safety equipments such as traffic cones, barrierssearch convex mirrors, etc are necessary for your safety. Safety signages are also important for instructions if the road ahead is safe to travel or not, hence there use is very crucial. Also, buy water safety equipments such as life jackets and life buoy for safety near water bodies. We wholesale in road and water safety equipments online, by brands like Karma art and Atasi.

We are also suppliers of fall protection equipments such as harnesses and belts, lanyards, safety nets, fall arresters, retractable fall arrester blocks and safety kits by well-known and quality worthy brands like Karam, Midas, Freefall, MSA, Pioneer swift, UFS etc.  Safety of employee’s in high altitude working condition is a major issue and if not taken seriously can result in major accidents; hence we provide quality, long lasting and strong products by trust worthy brand as our suppliers.

Buy safety and security equipments online and enjoy your work without any worries! Easy to use and hassle free tools and equipments just a click away. Our products are hundred percent genuine.

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