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Cutting tool is any machining tool used to cut objects by means of modifying or deforming them. These tools are also called cutters, which include a wide range of tools. Cutting tools should be solid and harder than the material that is to be cut, they should have a fine finishing for a smoother work with high accuracy. And also, these tools must be able to bear the heat generated while working with metal objects.

Cutting tools are divided majorly into two types, firstly, these tools can work by a single-point cutting edge or secondly by multipoint cutting edge.  Single point cutting edge enables to work by one cutting edge to perform operations like turning, planning, shaping etc, whereas the multipoint does similar operation with two or more cutting edges.

Tooling and cutting equipments are widely used in industrial settings as well as carpentry, woodwork, building companies, in all large scale to small scale sectors. There are various tools used in a wide range of tasks, such as:                          

Carbide Rotary Burrs: are used for cutting, shaping, grinding and to remove of sharp edges, burrs and excess material to get fine finish.

Dies: is a unique tool used in manufacturing industries for cutting or shaping materials mostly by using a press. They are similar to molds and are generally shaped into the item they are used to create.

HoleSaws: they consist of saw blades shaped like a round ring and are used to cut holes into an object without destroying the entire shape of the object that is being cut, also known as hole cutters.

End mill: a type of milling cutter used in industrial milling applications. End mills are used in tasks such as profile milling, tracer milling, and face milling, and plunging.

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